Theft helps the economy! – What?

They actually argue that illegal peer-to-peer file-sharing traffic helps the economy and doesn’t hurt songwriters.

It kills the desire of the artist to create, as there is no financial support for them to continue thier art, and what we will be left with is an Artless Society.


How to live to be 100 +

Indulge occasionally & share with a friend. “It’s important not to feel deprived.“

I love the smell of print!

I feel like as a society, we try to put everything on that same goddamn screen, and pretty soon we’re going to be eating on the screen or, like, making love through the screen. – Eggers

I don’t care how light, portable, easy-to-use, or memory-and-feature-packed devices get, the tactile sensation of paper in my hands can never be replaced. – Me