Siren, performed by Jesse James

the song, Siren, appeared on Redemption (bound)’s album, Unwept. This song was “the hit”. It was written, recorded, and performed numerous times two years before the album came out. It was a difficult album to make: band members in other projects, work, life, families getting in the way of creativity. Still, it’s a damn fine piece of work. I’m very proud of the whole record. And this song… it’s a great fucking song. No matter what genre of music or scene you ascribe to, it’s a great song. I came up with this arrangement of the song not long after we had written it, mainly just to placate myself – to instill confidence that we were, in fact, on the right track with the musical direction. I think we nailed it. It’s a pity more of the world didn’t take notice.

It’s not a good time to be an artist, and certainly not a good time to be making music. But the world needs good music, and artists need to create. So we press on…


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