On the Job Hunt . . .

Shhhh . . . be very, very quiet.
It’s job season. And I’m Job Huntin’.

It seems remarkably quiet out there.  I knew the economy was “bad”, that good jobs were “hard to find”, that there are a hundred applicants for every job posted, but still – man!  I’ve never had any trouble finding a job when I really wanted / needed one.  I’ve been on the hunt for quite some time now (shhh, don’t tell my previous boss) but it’s only been the last three weeks that I’ve really been punching through the clutter on the job boards and sending out resumes and awesome cover letters ’till my fingertips hurt.  Five to ten a day, usually.  It’s my new full-time job, ‘tho I don’t get paid for it.

Granted, a lot of the positions I’m applying for are pretty highly skilled, unique opportunities that I’m sure will take some time for the people on the other end to sort through and start scheduling interviews.  The last one I interviewed for was two months in the making.  But I’ve also gone back to my roots (in the interest of an immediate paycheck) and have been applying for some intermediate and entry-level positions that I would think would need to be filled right away.

Ok, so it’s not really all bleak and hopeless – I do have an interview on Monday.  It’s a “group interview” which is kind of new to me, but maybe it’s a good way to weed out the incompetents in one quick meeting.  And it’s for a reputable medical company, so I know it’s not just a big masked sales pitch.

Speaking of Sales . . .
It’s my background.  My immediate experience reeks of it like bad cologne.  But the thought of taking another straight-up sales job makes me want to vomit into my Banana Republic credit card bill (What?! They make nice clothes).  So hopefully it doesn’t come to that.  I would love something in the non-profit sector, where my sales experience would be a great asset to a fund-raising or management role.  That’s quite a bit different from the abject capitalistic digging-for-any-dollar-possible direction of the typical sales role.

Back to the Roots.
I’m also actively searching for something in a manufacturing environment.  Production management, shipping & receiving, warehouse and inventory management – I’ve got the skills, baby.  I like the idea of making things, or at least helping to facilitate the making of or delivery of things.  Far too many manufacturing jobs have moved to cheaper (read: corrupt) climates.  Even a lot of customer service and tech support jobs have moved to India (and other countries).  Where are all the lazy Americans looking for an easy job supposed to go now?  Not that I’m a lazy anything.  I’m not.  But I believe those jobs should remain here.

So I’d like to get my hands dirty, be up on my feet for a while, assemble things, box things, feel things pass through my hands.  My last job was too abstract.  I realize I won’t make the same kind of money I’m used to, and I’m resolved to that.  We can make it just fine on less.   More on that later.


One thought on “On the Job Hunt . . .

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    Whatever you do I wish you success and ll the best days to come

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